6 Ways to Make the Last Days of Secondary School Unforgettable.

It’s Graduation Time Soon!

Yeah, it’s graduation time soon, especially in Nigeria. We students are all moving to a new class, but some are moving into a new phase of life – some into secondary school or some into university (even those that just started pre-school or primary school!). 

But this article is for those who are moving into university. I’m not at this stage yet, but I will be by next year, so I just want to give a few pointers on how to make the last days of secondary school memorable.

  • Constantly bring up past or junior school memories you all can laugh about.

 Throughout my secondary school, my classmates and I have been through a lot and a mean A LOT. But I know this is not unique just to my classmates and I, we all have tales to tell of our sprees with our classmates. Even though you might be busy with exams and pre-university life thoughts, in these last days, bring up some junior school or past memories you and your classmates can recall and laugh about. This will make the memories evergreen and help you guys remember that in some way, you are parts of each other.

  • Take a class picture and give it a caption that reflects your class.

 If you guys have enough money, have that collaborative spirit and have the means, you can take a class picture with you all wearing a particular colour or style of clothing (I advise you all to pose in ways that reflect your different personalities), keep copies of it in your phones, frame a copy and give it to your form teacher or to the school to remember you guys by. (You can even give it a caption that reflects the kind of class you guys were – be honest o!).

  • ·         Don’t forget the digits!

Don’t forget to take each other’s numbers – especially for those who just got phones in SS3. Even if you don’t have a phone yet, pen down your classmates’ phone numbers, Facebook names, Instagram IDs, TikTok IDs, Twitter IDs, Snapchat IDs… whatever IDs. Just make sure you have a way to keep in touch with the people who have been there in your good and bad moments and know even if not all, but a generous part of you.

  • Make a video clip of all of your class’ memories you can get hold of… and showcase.

Many secondary schools don’t let students bring phones to school (that’s normal everywhere), but I know that students still sneak in phones to school almost every day. And on some of those days, some people might have taken pictures or videos. All the people with pictures and videos can bring them together and turn them into a video clip of your class’ best, funniest, most embarrassing, most heated moments. 

You guys can even feature each classmate with their unique character trait – like class clown, class diva/s, aunty gwe gwe gwe/s, class brainiacs or class professor, baby of the class, teachers’ pet/s, class dancer/s, and any other traits your classmates have. I recommend you use a background song that’ll get your classmates in a sober mood first (I suggest Memories by Maroon 5) and then let the song glide into songs you all have enjoyed over the years and let the video clip end with a song that has you all thinking, “I’m going to miss these crazy people I call classmates.” (You can watch the music video Young, Dumb and Broke by Khalid (Watch Young Dumb and Broke music video) for some ideas on how to go about it).

  • ·         Don’t hold back anything. 

If there are things you’ve always wanted to tell your classmates or a particular classmate, now is definitely the time because by July, you all will go your own way and you might never have the chance under the same circumstances again – ever. So don’t say you: “Coulda, woulda, shoulda?” and just say or do what’s on your mind.

  • ·         Make personality-themed T-shirts.

You could also make T-shirts to complement the video clip, the framed picture or as a gesture in itself. I always emphasize on customizing things like these according to your personalities, but now I propose that you can fold papers and pick out names of your classmates. Whoever one classmate picks will be the person his or her (the person who picked) shirt will be about.

 For example: If George picked Ife, then George’s shirt will reflect Ife’s personality and vice versa. 

But I f that will be too expensive, you can make one T-shirt with a picture of all of you and give it to your form teacher as a gift (maybe as a complement to the framed picture). Remember, work according to your budget.

Here is small list of book, movie and song recommendations for you as a person moving into a new episode of life. They are about stepping into new phases of life, finding out who you are and your life purpose (even if you know your career path, you must find out who you are personally), finding strength in weak moments and taking one step at a time.

You can click on the songs’ download links to download them; you can watch the movies on YouTube with their links, but you will have to buy the book from your local bookshop – it is sold presently in Nigeria for 2,500 Naira.

Book recommendations:

  • I Wish I Knew This Before I Went to the University by Tekena Ikoko.   

Song recommendations:     

Movie recommendations:

With all that said, happy graduation in advance! And I hope the last days of secondary school are truly as memorable as they should be.




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