December Wrap-Up.

Hey, readers!

Happy new year!

Wow. December has come and gone, and so has 2021! 😲 The past year’s been a good one for all of us in one way or another.

Buuuuuut enough of that philosophical adult-like talk. 😜

Now I’m serving up the rundown of my December.

Enjoy. 🥧😉

Before I begin, I just want to apologize for my nearly two weeks of vanishing from the blogosphere. As is a norm in my country, my family and I traveled down to our village to celebrate the festive season. And in my village (sorry to say), the network connection is awful. I really felt bad that I wasn’t blogging or even on the Internet, and I missed all my blogging friends.

But I’m back now with a boat-load of inspiration for posts this new year.

Believing that my apology has been forgiven, I continue…

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This month was a good one for me, I reached the 50+ views landmark and now have 15 followers.

Not too great a number, huh? Ah well, it’s a start.

I also made some new friends on the blogosphere, and some of their posts I enjoyed reading this month are:

I really got my hands busy this month. I made sure to stay consistent, making at least one post every week. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Here’s a list of my posts this month – in case you missed any:

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My Spiritual Life.

I’m really excited about this aspect of my life. At the beginning of this month or thereabout, I told God that I wanted to get my spiritual life back on track, and that I needed his help. Well, God didn’t let me down.

*happy tear*

I enjoyed high levels of happiness and peace in God. I feared I wouldn’t complete my Spiritual Pillars for the new year, but with God’s help and inspiration, I did – and in record time, too. I really prayed this month, too. I made sure I always prayed my morning and night prayers, and sent short prayers to God whenever I was faced with something difficult.

There’s really nothing much to say anymore, except that I really experienced God’s joy this month😁 … and I hope you did, too

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My Personal Life.

Well, there’s not really much to write here, ‘cause this month, I really focused more on building up my spiritual life. But still: This month I beefed up on my self-confidence like I said I would (Nov. monthly), with the aid of a book tittled The Power of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy, but it was really God that helped me make sense of all I read. I also showed high levels of self-control. As I said, I travelled to my village, and in times when my cousins were being UNBEARABLE,😡 I kept my temper down and let peace reign. 😇

I also reeeeaaallly missed my classmates! Inasmuch as my cousins were there to bug me and keep me company, I still really missed my classmates. 😥 But I thank God that the holiday will be over by Monday, and I’ll be heading back to school for the last lap of my secondary school.

School Life.

Yup, yup, yup. By Monday, I’ll be stepping into the last lap of secondary school.

*taking some time to stretch*

The journey’s NOT been easy – I tell ya.

But this term calls for A LOT more reading efforts. Like I said in my November Wrap-Up, I didn’t do well last term (but surprisingly came out with 1st position!). So this term, I HAVE to do my bestest-best. 👍🏾

A small digression: There’s something I was telling myself concerning my senior school exams. I prayed to God that I just want to pass them very well, well enough to get admission into my dream university (University of Lagos, in case ya wanna know ☺). I prayed this way because I knew it was a moon shot for me to pray to get the highest in WAEC in my region or even country, so to avoid the possible disappointment, I just prayed to get high enough to get admitted into UNILAG.

But then I remembered a quote by a great woman that went something like this:

I shoot for the moon. If I fall, [at least] I will land amongst the stars.

This means that instead of me to aim at getting ‘just enough’ to get admitted to a Nigerian university, why don’t I aim for being the best in the whole region or even country? And even if at the end of the day, I don’t get the highest in WAEC, I will at least get a smashing score that’ll earn me prestige and recognition (no matter how small the audience is).

So my target for my senior school exams is THE MOON! 👩🏾‍🚀💪🏾🚀🌝🌑

And even as exams are an important issue this term, this is also the last term I have to spend with my classmates! 😢🥺 I’m really gonna miss the crazy kids I’ve shared most of my secondary school moments with.😥😢😭

And without further ado, reader, that’s the lay-down of my Deezemba (that’s how we Nigerians pronounce December). I hope it was a good read.🙃

Anything to tell me about your Christmas? Your holiday escapades or just anything ya wish to tell ol’ Vanessa? Well, drop something in the comments section… I’m waiting.


Soooooo happy to have my voice heard again. 😁📣🎤💻🤗