And then, Repeat It All with Purpose.

Hey, readers! I’m glad we’ve made it so far in this series, and I’m glad to have been able to write about the lessons I’ve learnt from valuable experiences of mine. A kudos to me, and a kudos to you. 👍🏾 After having followed up the series, from here, it’s just intentional repetition. Living a more…

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Hey, readers! Happy new year!☺️ The tittle of this post reminds me of the article I wrote for the Hashnode Dev Retro 2022 campaign. In the article, where I shared my three-year journey in tech, I talked about my lack of ‘connections’ as one of the things that really slowed down my progress and learning. As…

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Get to Work.

Hey, readers! For the fact that you’ve taken the decision, for the fact that you’ve spared a few moments to draft a game plan, I think it’s right to say that you have purpose. Welcome to the 4th post in the Intentionality Series. A blog series where I create the awareness on how important it is…

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Have a Plan.

Hey, readers! Okay. So you’ve decided to live purposefully; you’ve taken the step after that to fix up your Internet identity in preparation for the new wave of content that you’d soon be putting out. What’s next? To actually get to work, right? No. 😐 The worst thing that can happen to you is when you…

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Polish Your Internet Identity.

Hey, readers! I remember how, when I first created my Facebook account, it was filled with a lot posts by other people, posts I was tagged in, to be precise. And back then, I didn’t care enough about the account to clean it up. My entire focus was on my blog and its Facebook page. I…

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The Intentionality Series.

Hey, readers! It’s been quite a while since I wrote that! 😅 Talk about inconsistency in blogging. 😔 Oh, well. As always, there is an explanation: You see, from November 1st, I took part in the Creative Writers and Influencers Network (CWIN) Writing Creativity Challenge. It was a 28-day writing challenge where writers had to consistently…

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