When Going On a Trip, Here’s 5 Things to Note.

Hey, readers! in a sing-song voice: I’m baaaaack! Wow! My two-month exams are finally over. Done with my WAEC senior school exams, done with my NECO senior school exams. It wasn’t easy, it was full of lots of experiences, but I’m finally done.😌 And I’m as well done with secondary school! 🎊🏆😁🥳✨🎉 Also, my WAEC exam…

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image of black student and teacher

The Experiences of the Average Nigerian Boarder.

Hey, readers! I’m done with my WAEC exams and am back from my 1-month+ boarding school experience! I’ve actually been back since 23rd July, but was only able to get this post out now. I’ll be going back by Saturday (16th) to get ready for my first NECO examination paper coming up on Monday (Physics practical).…

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I’m Going Away, but I’ll Be Back.

Hey, readers! It would be unprofesional of me to go on a blogging break without even a message of farewell. So here it is, my message of farewell: I did previously write an entire post about my going away, but wasn’t able to publish it because I wrote the post on Microsoft Word, and didn’t take…

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Blogging Do’s for Every Blogger. ~Part 2~

Hey, readers! Happy new month! I previously began a little series tittled: blogging do’s for every blogger 💙 It’s a series were I’m sharing important things all bloggers should be mindful of, no matter their niche. The series began with this post, and now the last part of it is here. EN-joyeee!               1.Always have a…

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6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Career Path.

Hey, readers! I know, I know, before I made my previous post, I went on another unannounced break. I’ll explain in two words: exam preparations. My posting will be scanty till I go to boarding school in the first week of May. 😥 I recently had an eye-opener on the importance of avoiding destructive influence when…

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A Girl’s Expectations – A Collab with Maggie.

Before I begin, I wish to thank Maggie for agreeing to do this collab post with me. It really means a lot to me as a new blogger! 💜🧡🤍 A girl’s expectations. That’s a rather broad topic. And I mean a reeeaaallly broad topic, when considering the many, many dreams the average girl has. Every girl…

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