March Wrap-Up

I’m that kind of person that often doesn’t know what date it is until something prompts me to check.

So, it’s no surprise that I didn’t even realise it was April fool’s day till I recieved a prank message from my classmate! 😅

It’s been a loooong while since I last wrote a monthly wrap-up blog post. I’ve wanted to get around to writing one, but the thought of sitting and reflecting on my past month seemed like a chore.

Bad, bad habit to me.

That’s also one of the reasons why I haven’t gotten around to having a reflection for the first quarter of 2023, and even a reflection of last year!

At this point, it’s okay to say I’m layzeee.

All the same, though, here I am once again with my wrap-up post for March 2023. Feel free to check out my wrap-up post for March 2022. 😊

Enjoyeee! 🍰


I didn’t really do much as a blogger in March, except read other blogs and drop a few likes and comments.

I did just about all of the writing on my social media pages. 😅🙈

My Personal Life.

This year has actually been quite hard for me, because I experienced a major shift in the roles I have to play in my family, so it’s often that I take on more responsibilities that I’m meant to handle normally.

This threatened to make me a sad, depressed person when the shift first came, but I overcame and am still overcoming it, because I’m looking at the bigger picture.

From the endeavours I’m making in my career, to my network and few real friends, to the steps I’m taking for my personal and professional growth. These are things that helped and are helping me see past the kind of overwhelming present.

This month, I also ended a relationship of mine. ☹️
One piece of advice from this experience is: You never really know somebody, so the safest thing is to guide the way you give yourself to that person.

I’m not necessarily talking about getting physical, I’m mostly referring to the emotional commitments and how much of the vulnerable part of yourself you let the person see.

What I have to say about it is plenty, sha. But I think one paragraph sums it up just fine.

Read this book again after so long. Glad I did!

My Spiritual Life.

You know that feeling you get when you’re with someone you know you can just be yourself around, or someone who’s always there to give help here and there whenever you need it?

That’s how I feel with God.

Although I can’t say I was following through with God’s will 100% of the time, but whenever I realized I was wrong, I always went back to God to forgive me.

And that’s the beautiful, refreshing part of having God as your constant companion.

School life.

Okay, so remember this post of mine I wrote when I was preparing for JAMB and WAEC? Well, I’m done with both JAMB and WAEC, and guess what? I’ve been admitted into the university!!! 🥳🥳🥳

I’ll be starting school by July, by God’s grace, and it’s exciting to think of life as a uni student away from home.

Although, I’m kind of okay with how my life’s going now: On weekdays I go to work as a grade school teacher, and after work hours from about 7:30pm to about 9pm (or later on nights when there’s power supply till the early hours of the morning), I work on our team’s app for the 2023 Technovation Girls Challenge. On weekends, I do chores, rest and spend more time on our app.

I’m already making plans to develop my Python for machine learning skills after Technovation, so uni life is all of a sudden looking less attractive. And my friends already schooling there aren’t helping matters by saying that uni is stressful!

So, I guess I’ll just enjoy life as it is till I start experiencing the foretold ‘stress’. 💀😫

My Career.

This is a new heading of my monthly wrap-ups, because since November 2022, 3 months after I had graduated secondary school, I began making intentional efforts towards my career as a software engineer.

Beginning from my participation in the November 2022 Writing Creativity Challenge organised by CWIN Africa, to my taking part in the Hashnode Dev Retro 2022 campaign contest, to my signing up for this year’s Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, to my participation in the Technovation Girls Challenge for this year, to my connecting with notable young people in tech, to more other exploits still to come. 🚀😌

But my current activity and the one I’m most proud of is my role as the developer of our team’s app for the Technovation Girls Challenge. Our mentor for the Challenge, Maryam Bello, founder of ITIS 4 Dev Global, is truly amazing. She’s so supportive and she always encourages us directly and indirectly through her own endeavours and achievements.

Honestly, I’m very optimistic about my career this year. I’m already smashing my goals for this year (even goals I don’t have in my goals list!), and I really hope and pray that I’ll have something tangible to hold on to by the end of the year.

Let me just put this out there: As I said in my Academics heading, after the Technovation Girls Challenge, with it’s submission deadline by April 18th, I am going into Python (to refresh my memory) and then Python for machine learning. I will also continue with the AI-themed project I’m working on with a friend of mine.

And by this year’s end, I’ll be able to confidently add ‘Proficience in Python for machine learning’ to my resume. 🙏🏾😌

And that’s that.

I love monthly wrap-ups, actually, even though I procrastinate a lot before writing them!

Cheers to an awesome remaining 19 days of April.

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Happy Easter season. ✨️


March Wrap-Up + A Blog Makeover.💄

Hey, readers!

Happy new month!

Oooookay, so I’m back at my laptop click-clacking at the keyboard for another blog post. 💻 Did my little blogging fam notice my time out? Well, the whole thing started out with the shock-ING (or is it SHOCK-ing?) number of likes I got for this post.

But all that’ll be discussed later on. Let the wrap-up begin…





Um, I guess for this month I made… one post? Here it is in case you missed out on it:

I felt really bad when, after publishing this post, I headed over to WP to check and only saw one like. One like.


I was like: I have 33 followers, why should a post, ANY post of mine have just ONE like?!

I felt really bad. I felt like I’m just wasting my time and mobile data blogging. I started recalling the fact that my posts don’t even get comments.

A simple ‘Nice post, Vanessa’ will be much appreciated.



To whom it may concern.

So, it was that feeling and my second term exams / WAEC mock exams (also being my last official exams in secondary school 😭) that kept me from WP and from blogging for about three weeks.

And I believe I’ll also go on another timeout, ‘cause JAMB mock exams start on April 9th soooo, yeah. And I also have to start preparing my things for my two-and-a-half months stay in boarding school for my WAEC exams.

Yeah, you hrrd right: I’ll be going to boarding school for my senior school exams! 🚶🏿‍♀️ 🧳🛏 It’s just a little heads up.

But when I checked out WP on April 1st, the day we finished our exams, I saw some really cheery comments some bloggers that found my blog during my break left me. They cheered me up and encouraged me in the measure they could. 🌻☀🌞

The amazing people are 🧡:

  • Elisha – I really would have followed you, but I don’t really follow story or writing blogs, because I lose interest in them after a while. So, to keep things honest, I didn’t.
  • Justjubi – When I followed their link, I found the person’s site had been deleted, soooo no link.

At last, I found a new blogger this month. And shii izz:

And at last’s last, I gave my blog a makeover 🎨💄🎀 – a rather small one, actually. I just tweaked up things like colours and added some new… stuff. I wanted to wait till my blog’s 1-year anniversary to change my blog’s appearance, but that’ll be by November, and that’s too long a wait. 😑 So head over to my site if you’re viewing this in the Reader, and please tell me what you think of it in the comments!

Sorry this segment turned out to be so long.

My Spiritual Life.

In this part of my life last month, I was fairly neutral. Falling and getting up, falling and getting up. I believe it was an improvement when compared to last month.

A 4/10, I believe.

I’m beginning to see, as I grow and get into new situations that being godly isn’t as easy as it used to be when I was younger. It takes constant effort, when you fail even when after said you’d try to never fail that badly again, to not give up on yourself. It takes bravery to talk to God when you’re going through hurt, because most times we think we can think out the pain-killer ourselves… but we can’t.

This month, after going to church on Sundays, I would feel really motivated to write a You and God post, but when I do get time to write it, I feel inadequate, like an impostor, like I’m not worthy, like a hypocrite that says one thing and does another. I know we are made worthy by God’s grace, but I had always decided to wait till I was back firmly on my feet, so that the articles I wrote would not condemn me.

But as I write this now, I realise that the articles I write should not condemn me. Rather, they should caution me. Caution me to live as I preach, reminding me that I have an audience that grabs on to the words I write concerning Christian living. So, guys, get ready for You and God articles in April.

My Personal Life.

My personal life was as well neutral, I guess. With my boyfriend, I’ve learnt some more lessons about trusting him: I can. Notwithstanding the palaver of him looking for trouble, and me giving him trouble of my own, February was blissful for us, actually. 💕

The other part of my personal life concerns my family, my friends and classmates. It’s safe to say I bore my burdens well this month, and didn’t have any serious emotional breakdowns.


Again, I realised this month that I have an amazing friend who has and (hopefully) will always have my back.

And the person I used to call my close friend showed me that he was never really even an acquaintance, after all these years.😥

*mixed feelings*

School Life.

I guess the only part of my life that I actively worked at this month was my school life. This is the first time in my life that my exam scores ACTUALLY determine my future.

Maybe I didn’t put that right.

I just mean that not reaching the required cut-off mark for my dream university is going to be a big blow to me, y’know. So I’m all jittery, trying my best to study, take away distractions, and am constantly scolding myself when I fail to reach a goal.

I’m. Just. Tryna. Be. Focused. And. Serious. And. All.

Wish me luck with exams, guys!

And I promise to formally inform you (for all who care) …

*harsh… but true*

… when I’ll be going on my break for my JAMB mock exams and when I’ll be going to boarding school.

Still waiting for my WAEC mock exam results…

*ankshoussss 😬*

So that’s my March recap. I really loved reading Evin’s March wrap-up. She tagged it: a summary of march ‘2022 🍃 ‘cause she didn’t want to use the usual ‘… wrap-up’ format. I really love her posts. She’s not posting so frequently nowadays, but her writing style remains the same: she’s cool, mature and artistic. And also my biggest encouragement to keep on blogging.

I really want to hear what you think of my blog adjustments, and of the post in general! So please leave your comments, readers!

Thanks for reading.


P.S Don’t you just uh-dore this pic? It’s the featured image I made myself for my February Wrap-Up, and I can’t stop loving it! 😍

February Wrap-Up.

Hey, readers!

Happy new month!

As the tittle reveals, this is my wrap-up post for the month of February (AKA the month of looooove💕)!

In the absence of further preambles, here is the run-down of my Feh-bu-ah-ree (as a majority say in Nigeria – including me):


I believe that, all things being fair, I was active in the blogging fam this month. This month, my followers count moved up to 29 followers.

And some other ✨exciting news:✨this month, I got nominated for my first blogger tag/award! The tag was named The Remarkable Blogger Tag. It was started by Selina of The Never-Ending Writes. If you’d like to check out the post, click here

Uuuuummm, I don’t think I found any new blogs this month – no, wait. Yes, I did.

I actually found two new blogs this month. They are:

They’re both really amazing blogs which I believe you’ll like.

And in case you missed any of my posts this month, here’s a rundown of them all:

Wow. That’s a loooot of posts. Probably the most I’ve ever posted in a whole month. February did me good on this side, I guess.👏🏿

Spiritual Life

This month, my spirituality was floaty. It felt like I was just going with the motions. I still prayed and talked to God, but it didn’t really feel concrete and heartfelt – it felt like it was done out of habit. 😥

And I believe this ‘down-ness’ was the reason why I didn’t write any post in the You and God category of Ọlaedo this month.😢

I really hate it that I’m down more often than I’m up. I fall a lot. But y’know what they say: when you fall, you rise up again; the downfall of a man is not the end of his life.

So, I’m optimistic that I’ll be better in my spirituality in March. Having already begun making plans and setting goals (with God’s help), I believe March will be better.

Personal Life

There isn’t really much to say here for this month. Most of my personal life was influenced by my School Life. Aside from (trying) to read for my exams, I’m still learning a lot about trust, what it means to care about those important to you before yourself, and keeping my mouth under control.


I mean, it’s not like I’m talkative or anything, but it’s just that I need to learn to mind the way I talk. I’m a victim of this because I normally don’t talk much, so I feel like if I have to censor out even the handful I say, then I’m ‘letting other people determine my words’. And this just makes me feel like I’m being controlled.

But then I remember some verses from Proverbs:

A wise man holds his tongue. Only a fool blurts out everything he knows; that only leads to sorrow and trouble.

Proverbs 10:14. The Living Bible

From a wise mind comes careful and persuasive speech.

Proverbs 16:23. The Living Bible

I’m still learning a lot of things on the Personal side, but I believe I’m making progress. And I’m thankful that I have amazing people in my life who will always tell me the truth and point me to the right thing.

School Life

I guess it’s okay to say that I’m now officially a JAMBITE. This means that I’m now a candidate of JAMB UTME (Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination).


Not yet, emojis. Not yet.

*emojis whine and quietly hop back*

The heart of the journey is yet to come. My classmates and I often solve past JAMB and WASSCE (West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination) questions. WAEC questions are okay, doable. But JAMB questions are hard.

I really need to intensify my study efforts. There’s a classmate of mine who wants to study pharmacy. She’s begun private home lessons and has bought all the books required for the exams. I don’t think I will be able to do private lessons, but I will read – hard.

Many times I think I should drop blogging just till my exams are over (by July). But I worry about how much my blog will suffer.

And then a voice asks me: Your blog and passing your exams, which one is more important?

My exams, I answer

So what do you think you should do?

Prioritize. Make time for them both, according to their levels of importance.

That’s what I’ve resolved to do. Is it okay? Or should I focus entirely on my exams? I’d really love to hear from you in the comments.

So, that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed reading the wrap-up of my February. Please give me your advice on my approach to my exams and blogging. And some study tips will also be very welcome! 😊

But I hate it that no amount of study tips given will ever work until you consistently put them into action.


There’s that 99% action and 1% idea again.

*rolls eyes and huffs*

Anyway, thanks for reading. And thanks again to all my new followers and viewers. But I hugely thank all to my active readers, the peeps who always like my posts, and comment when they can. Your actions are very heartfelt, and I believe my words are making an impact.


Ciao, 💋

P.S Hope you like my featured image. 😊 I would never have made it as beautifully as I did if it weren’t for Evin’s post, How I Make My Featured Images // Tutorial. It’s a 100% recommended read.

January Wrap-Up.

Hey, readers!

Happy new month!

Wow. I’ve begun to see how much work and attention a blog needs. I personally love writing, but etching out time to write blog posts and publishing them at regular intervals is really a lot of work.

But dats bye da wei.

The tittle: ‘January Wrap-Up’ sounds so foreign. Being a semi-new blogger, this is my third wrap-up. My previous wrap-ups sounded like: ‘November Wrap-Up’, ‘December Wrap-Up’, and now comes ‘January’.

Jeh-nu-ah-ree (as most of us Nigerians would pronounce it.)

It’s a four-syllable word that sounds foreign as is used in the tittle – to me.

That’s just what I wanted to say – in essence.

Now that I’m done wasting your time – if you noticed.

Let’s get into my jeh-nu-ah-ree.

Y’know, only a few readers will notice that was just trying to be amusing and/or funny.

Hope it worked.😜


Photo by Godisable Jacob on

Well, my blogging escapades this month were very few. School just started for second term, and the rush of assignments and study deadlines kinda made me keep blogging aside for a bit. And I could only get out one post for all of January😭:

I also have a bit of good news to share: my blog reached 100+ all-time views, and now as 20 followers! An improvement when compared to the developments of last month.

It’s amazing how WordPress helps foster community. I find new blogs all the time. And the ones I found this month that most interested me are:

In the same light, from the blogs I already follow, I enjoyed reading the posts of the following bloggers this month:

Soooo, that’s ‘bout it for this. Keep scrolling, please. 👇🏾

My Spiritual Life.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

This month, God and I basically worked together. As always, there was a time my faith made a sharp plummet, but God, the more capable, stronger and wiser ‘Colleague’, raised me up and kept me going.

I did something really kinda stupid this month. It hurt someone very dear to me, and I prayed that God would touch his heart to forgive me… and God did! I’m more than thankful for what God is doing in my life, and how He’s using my relationship to make me a better person.

And quite amazingly, after the whole incident and I was forgiven, I found a verse in Proverbs 17:

Love forgets mistakes.

-Proverbs 17:9. The Living Bible.

That was so true in my case. It was because of love that I was forgiven. 💕

My Personal Life.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on

The stupid thing I did this month made me begin to ask myself questions about who I really am and what it is that I believe in.

I messed up… bad.

But the thing that happened made me realise the amazing people I have in my life, it made me realise that it is important to hold on to the people who look out for you, reprimand you, care for you and make you smile every day.

Before this, I was ungrateful and selfish – as I came to realise.

But it surprised me, because I try my best to be near God, so why did God still let these still be part of my personality?

Simple answer: He wanted me realise it and decide to change all on my own. And then He wanted me to ask for His help to finish the work of changing.

So, my personal life this month was one of ‘broken-heartedness’, followed by an epiphany, and now strong-willed efforts (and prayers) to redefine my person and get rid of my ungrateful and selfish sides.

School Life.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on

Like I said in my wrap-up for last month, I’m shooting for the moon for my exams. This means reading a lot and stuff like that. Well, I’m not reading a lot.. I’m hardly even keeping up with assignments.😥

I really want to be done with secondary school and pull of my school uniform and school bag for good, but it’s a long, long way between now and the end of it.

I’m really trying to regain my footing. The best remedy for this is another definition of my priorities, and the setting of some short-term goals.

Wish me luck!🌷

So, that’s my January in three headings. I hope you liked it!

Ciao, 💋


Is it just me, or did January go by so quickly?!🤔❄🌞☘🌳🌺🍀

December Wrap-Up.

Hey, readers!

Happy new year!

Wow. December has come and gone, and so has 2021! 😲 The past year’s been a good one for all of us in one way or another.

Buuuuuut enough of that philosophical adult-like talk. 😜

Now I’m serving up the rundown of my December.

Enjoy. 🥧😉

Before I begin, I just want to apologize for my nearly two weeks of vanishing from the blogosphere. As is a norm in my country, my family and I traveled down to our village to celebrate the festive season. And in my village (sorry to say), the network connection is awful. I really felt bad that I wasn’t blogging or even on the Internet, and I missed all my blogging friends.

But I’m back now with a boat-load of inspiration for posts this new year.

Believing that my apology has been forgiven, I continue…

Photo by Pixabay on


This month was a good one for me, I reached the 50+ views landmark and now have 15 followers.

Not too great a number, huh? Ah well, it’s a start.

I also made some new friends on the blogosphere, and some of their posts I enjoyed reading this month are:

I really got my hands busy this month. I made sure to stay consistent, making at least one post every week. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Here’s a list of my posts this month – in case you missed any:

Photo by Atharva Deote on

My Spiritual Life.

I’m really excited about this aspect of my life. At the beginning of this month or thereabout, I told God that I wanted to get my spiritual life back on track, and that I needed his help. Well, God didn’t let me down.

*happy tear*

I enjoyed high levels of happiness and peace in God. I feared I wouldn’t complete my Spiritual Pillars for the new year, but with God’s help and inspiration, I did – and in record time, too. I really prayed this month, too. I made sure I always prayed my morning and night prayers, and sent short prayers to God whenever I was faced with something difficult.

There’s really nothing much to say anymore, except that I really experienced God’s joy this month😁 … and I hope you did, too

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

My Personal Life.

Well, there’s not really much to write here, ‘cause this month, I really focused more on building up my spiritual life. But still: This month I beefed up on my self-confidence like I said I would (Nov. monthly), with the aid of a book tittled The Power of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy, but it was really God that helped me make sense of all I read. I also showed high levels of self-control. As I said, I travelled to my village, and in times when my cousins were being UNBEARABLE,😡 I kept my temper down and let peace reign. 😇

I also reeeeaaallly missed my classmates! Inasmuch as my cousins were there to bug me and keep me company, I still really missed my classmates. 😥 But I thank God that the holiday will be over by Monday, and I’ll be heading back to school for the last lap of my secondary school.

School Life.

Yup, yup, yup. By Monday, I’ll be stepping into the last lap of secondary school.

*taking some time to stretch*

The journey’s NOT been easy – I tell ya.

But this term calls for A LOT more reading efforts. Like I said in my November Wrap-Up, I didn’t do well last term (but surprisingly came out with 1st position!). So this term, I HAVE to do my bestest-best. 👍🏾

A small digression: There’s something I was telling myself concerning my senior school exams. I prayed to God that I just want to pass them very well, well enough to get admission into my dream university (University of Lagos, in case ya wanna know ☺). I prayed this way because I knew it was a moon shot for me to pray to get the highest in WAEC in my region or even country, so to avoid the possible disappointment, I just prayed to get high enough to get admitted into UNILAG.

But then I remembered a quote by a great woman that went something like this:

I shoot for the moon. If I fall, [at least] I will land amongst the stars.

This means that instead of me to aim at getting ‘just enough’ to get admitted to a Nigerian university, why don’t I aim for being the best in the whole region or even country? And even if at the end of the day, I don’t get the highest in WAEC, I will at least get a smashing score that’ll earn me prestige and recognition (no matter how small the audience is).

So my target for my senior school exams is THE MOON! 👩🏾‍🚀💪🏾🚀🌝🌑

And even as exams are an important issue this term, this is also the last term I have to spend with my classmates! 😢🥺 I’m really gonna miss the crazy kids I’ve shared most of my secondary school moments with.😥😢😭

And without further ado, reader, that’s the lay-down of my Deezemba (that’s how we Nigerians pronounce December). I hope it was a good read.🙃

Anything to tell me about your Christmas? Your holiday escapades or just anything ya wish to tell ol’ Vanessa? Well, drop something in the comments section… I’m waiting.


Soooooo happy to have my voice heard again. 😁📣🎤💻🤗