November Wrap-Up.

Happy new month, readers!

It’s the beginning of the last month of 2021, and the festive cheer has already begun setting in. Everyone’s getting ready for Christmas.

This post is supposed to have come about some days earlier, but I couldn’t write it then because of our exams. So, sorry for posting this late.

All the same, I hope you enjoy my first ever monthly wrap-up!


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I officially re-launched my blog, Olaedo, on WordPress. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I’ve been active in the blogging fam this month: commenting on blogs, finding new ones, following some and all that. I want to do things right on WordPress, so consistency, quality and activeness are key.

Here are the posts I made this month (the first seven are re-posts from my old blog):

My Spiritual Life.

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I’ve kinda been up and down this month in my spirituality. I was going through this self-doubt syndrome, and sometimes it made me doubt whether or not God was actually telling me the things I thought He was telling me. I found it hard to concentrate and pray each morning, and didn’t pray before I went to bed on most nights. It was terrible.

But whenever I go to church, God shows me that He is bigger than all my doubts. I always leave the church with answers – and if not answers, consolation. And at the time of writing this, I believe that personal issue has been resolved, and my mind has been made up. ‘Cause I don’t want to walk that road again.

I’m sorry I’m being so vague and nebulous about this point. I believe I’ll be making a post on it soon.

My Personal Life.

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I usually separate ‘my personal life’ from ‘my spiritual life’, even though they are intertwined and interchangeable, because even as I pray to God for help, I need to put in my own ‘personal’ effort for the prayers to really be worth it.

This month I suffered a serious lack of motivation. Lack of motivation to study, lack of motivation to be myself, lack of motivation to go on with my life (not in a suicidal way o). And I suffered this lack of motivation because of the personal crisis I was going through. The height of it was when a teacher of mine called me and told me that the confidence she knows me for is no longer there. I felt like a mess that day.

But as I said earlier, the crisis has been resolved. I have already begun planning how I’ll work on myself this holiday: reading motivational books, praying more than ever, reading my Bible every day, watching motivational movies, listening to inspirational songs. I want to take on the new year with fresh energy, and be new, better person as well. So help me God. Amen 🙏🏾

School Life.

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We finished our exams today and will be at home for a week till we come back to collect our results. Exams this term were brain-racking. Our teachers played with our heads a lot. We’re in our final year of secondary school, and so we’re meant to take our ‘mock WAEC’ exams (a mini-WAEC exam) by February next year. And because of that, we only read the things we learned this term. It was only at the last minute that they began to tell us to read from, at least, SS1! And what’s worse, in a subject like Biology, the questions set were nowhere in our scheme of work, going back till JSS3!

I failed my Economics exam because I didn’t read far back enough, got 2nd and 3rd highest in a handful of subjects, and got highest in Civic Education, alongside another of my classmates.

The last day of the exams was jolly enough, but I know that some of my classmates won’t come back to the school next term, because they want to write their senior school exams elsewhere. We said our goodbyes today playfully, but knowing we might not see each other again in a long while. 😥😭😢

I miss those of my classmates I hold dear to my heart.❤ We’ll be in touch through social media, but y’know it aint gonna be the same.

And that’s a wrap-up of my November. But I forgot to add that my little sister celebrated her 7th birthday 🎈🎉✨👧 this month with a delicious cake. 🎂 She took pictures at school with her classmates and was very happy that the birthday she had been anticipating all year played out as she planned.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post, so please drop me a comment down below.

I can hardly wait for Christmas!