4 Key Things I’ve Realised about Talents.

I’ve actually wanted to write something like this for some time – since 2020, actually – but it was only an engagement at my workplace that made me sit down and turn my thoughts into writing.

I personally love topics bordering on ‘talents’. I always have, since the time I knew what talents were, because I love showcasing or telling people about my talents.😁 And so, in this post, I’ll be writing on four key things I’ve come to realise about talents.

Will I say etymologically? 🤔 Originally, rather, the content of this post was beefed up from the Bible passage popularly known as The Parable of the Talents – which can be found in Mathew 25: 14-30 🤓. So, references will be made to the Bible story.

 I really don’t need to begin defining what talents are, but for formality’s sake, a talent is a natural ability to do something well.

And so, here’s what I have to say on talents:

1.Everyone has a talent. 🌸

Everyone was born with a talent. It’s like, a constant feature in the manufacturing of humans. Some people have just one talent, some have one outstanding talent and a few other recessive talents, and some have a multiple outstanding talents. Whichever way the combination comes, know that YOU ARE TALENTED. So don’t feel like there’s no natural ability you can offer the world.

2.No talent is too small. 🤏🏿

Taking from the Bible story, the servant given one talent must have felt like he had been cheated, being given one talent, while the others were given two and five talents. And so, he decided to bury his talent, saying that he would give his master his talent just as he had given it to him – no improvement attached.

But what he didn’t know was that his one talent was given to him according to his ability. The master shared the talents according to his servants’ abilities. And that is the same with us.

The fact that we were given one talent shouldn’t make us begin to compare it with a person who has multiple talents. A talent is a talent – big or small. The one we get is ours and ours alone.

3. Your talents won’t showcase themselves. 😏

Okay, okay.

You’ve found out your talents. Check.

You’ve realised that no talent is too small. Double check.

And now, you have to WORK ON YOUR TALENTS.

If you can sing, what are you doing with it? If you can draw, how are you showing what you can do? If you can write, hellllooooooo, where are you on the map? You have talents? Awesome! Now get to work. 😶

There activities you can engage in to bring yourself out, and as well grow your talents. I remember when I first started writing, back in Year 4 (grade/primary 4 for most schools in Nigeria). Fast forward to today, I’m still writing (not for money, though) but my writing is far better than it was back then. Why? Because I keep at it, writing constantly every chance I get. From writing numerous pages of fiction stories to writing ‘foolscap-fulls’ of essays to writing poetry on the sidelines to blogging, writing has carried me throughout the years to this day. I have other talents, but writing is a talent I pride myself on and work on more than all my other talents.

And that should be the same story for you. Whether it’s dancing, baking, crafts, music, or even organizing (yes, people are natural dead-serious organizers and planners! That’s a profitable skill nowadays) you’re naturally good at, you have to find out things to do that will keep you using your abilities so you can keep growing them to your own benefit. 😊

4.You are accountable for your talents. 🧐

This a little part of the preceding point. Our talents were given to us even before birth for our own use and benefit. Someone gave them to us, and He expects us to use them well. The feeling of inferiority in the face of others, or even the feeling of being over-burdened with ‘reality’ and all our ‘more pressing commitments’ can make us think that activities that grow our talents are unimportant. Well they’re not. Talents are important. Talents are tools that can be used to solve your life’s problems if only you change your viewpoint.

There is time for everything. This not only means that everything has its own time and due season, but also that there is always time for something more.

Vanessa Chidi.

Your talents are not unimportant. Yes, there are urgent needs, but there are also essential needs. Make time to grow your talents. It will make you more fulfilled as a person and boost your self-confidence. And don’t forget to be consistent with it.

I’d love to hear from you! Have you discovered your talent/s? What are you doing to grow them? Is blogging one of your talent-nurturing activities? Are You pursuing a career related to your talents? Lemme know in the comments section. Let’s discuss.

Cheers! 🍻


13 thoughts on “4 Key Things I’ve Realised about Talents.

  1. This post is so inspirational. Everyone comes with a package but the problem is that we always want to grab our neighbor’s packages, without trying to open ours. Everyone is gifted with something. You just have to discover what that is and work on it.

    You always come up with amazing posts. I love your blog💖💖💖💖💖

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  2. Loved reading this post! You’ve provided a lot of food for thought and I love how you emphasis on no talent being too small! Plus we got to nurture our skills to understand what our talent may be!

    What would you say your talent(s) are?

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    1. Thank you for your comment!!! 🤗 I’m really happy that this post made an impact on you!
      And I’m also glad you enjoyed reading! 😊

      Aww, well. My talents (in order of prominence) would have to be:
      : Writing.
      : Excess creativity. (I don’t really know the ‘proper’ name for this, but this talent is just, like, the ability to see things from a different angle, and bring about new approaches to things; the ability to make boring things interesting – something like that. In other words, I also termed it ‘Excess Imagination’).
      : Singing.

      What about you? What would YOU say are your talents?

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      1. Oh thank you for going into depth regarding your second talent! And I get what you’re trying to illustrate – you sound like the people I’m constantly in awe of! Some people are effortlessly creative and have interesting perceptions on their fingertips! Do you have any projects you can share as examples? I love hearing about stuff like this hehe.

        Hmmm my talents 😬 I’d say I’m somewhat good at picking up practical stuff. Once I’m shown something, I can problem solve or find a way to manipulate stuff to get my desired result. I think I have a way with words haha and I can also sight read music quite well. Reading music notes is like a language to me.

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      2. Ohhhh kayyyy…

        Well, although there are a handful of instances, one of the most recurring situations where my Excess Imagination comes in is in learning. Back when I was in secondary school, I understand science concepts (physics, mainly) by creating an image in my head with the explanation given in class.

        For example, back when we learnt Scalars and Vectors, I imagined the definition of a vector as two flashes of light: magnitude and direction, which combine to form one swirl of light: a vector quantity.

        And also, whenever I’m called upon to teach a group of people, or explain a certain concept to them, I look at the given topic from different angles, ask myself how to make the probably age-long topic seem new, modern and appealing to the audience.

        And as well in design. Why, just yesterday afternoon, I designed the ‘Two Times Table’ chart in my class.

        So, I guess that’s what I could remember for now. 😁

        What nice talents! And so, in terms of your problem-solving ability, do you constantly solve problems of different difficulty levels? What kind of problems would say you’re best at solving?
        You have a way with words? Your a natural at reading music notes? Perfect! So keep at them. Always expose yourself to situations where you can groom your talents. (For example, CONSISTENT blogging is very good for your flair for words). 😊


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      3. I appreciate you taking the time to explain such detailed examples to me! Very intrigued to read! It would be great to see some blog posts on these topics aha!

        Hmm, when I usually get hit with a rejection of some sorts, I try to make a work around or solve the obstacles in place. I work in finance and sometimes suppliers/customers give me grief but I always try to find a solution that works in our favour or a reasonable compromise.

        I do like sudoko, crosswords, excel related formula building etc as problem solviign

        Thank you for such a great discussion!

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      4. That’s very nice. Keep at it! 👍🏾

        Oh, I love crosswords, too! One of my best games! I’ve never been able to understand Sudoku, though. 🤔

        You’d like to see topics like this in a blog post? Could you be more specific?

        I’ve really enjoyed the discussion too! Very thought-provoking. 😊


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