March Wrap-Up + A Blog Makeover.💄

Hey, readers!

Happy new month!

Oooookay, so I’m back at my laptop click-clacking at the keyboard for another blog post. 💻 Did my little blogging fam notice my time out? Well, the whole thing started out with the shock-ING (or is it SHOCK-ing?) number of likes I got for this post.

But all that’ll be discussed later on. Let the wrap-up begin…





Um, I guess for this month I made… one post? Here it is in case you missed out on it:

I felt really bad when, after publishing this post, I headed over to WP to check and only saw one like. One like.


I was like: I have 33 followers, why should a post, ANY post of mine have just ONE like?!

I felt really bad. I felt like I’m just wasting my time and mobile data blogging. I started recalling the fact that my posts don’t even get comments.

A simple ‘Nice post, Vanessa’ will be much appreciated.



To whom it may concern.

So, it was that feeling and my second term exams / WAEC mock exams (also being my last official exams in secondary school 😭) that kept me from WP and from blogging for about three weeks.

And I believe I’ll also go on another timeout, ‘cause JAMB mock exams start on April 9th soooo, yeah. And I also have to start preparing my things for my two-and-a-half months stay in boarding school for my WAEC exams.

Yeah, you hrrd right: I’ll be going to boarding school for my senior school exams! 🚶🏿‍♀️ 🧳🛏 It’s just a little heads up.

But when I checked out WP on April 1st, the day we finished our exams, I saw some really cheery comments some bloggers that found my blog during my break left me. They cheered me up and encouraged me in the measure they could. 🌻☀🌞

The amazing people are 🧡:

  • Elisha – I really would have followed you, but I don’t really follow story or writing blogs, because I lose interest in them after a while. So, to keep things honest, I didn’t.
  • Justjubi – When I followed their link, I found the person’s site had been deleted, soooo no link.

At last, I found a new blogger this month. And shii izz:

And at last’s last, I gave my blog a makeover 🎨💄🎀 – a rather small one, actually. I just tweaked up things like colours and added some new… stuff. I wanted to wait till my blog’s 1-year anniversary to change my blog’s appearance, but that’ll be by November, and that’s too long a wait. 😑 So head over to my site if you’re viewing this in the Reader, and please tell me what you think of it in the comments!

Sorry this segment turned out to be so long.

My Spiritual Life.

In this part of my life last month, I was fairly neutral. Falling and getting up, falling and getting up. I believe it was an improvement when compared to last month.

A 4/10, I believe.

I’m beginning to see, as I grow and get into new situations that being godly isn’t as easy as it used to be when I was younger. It takes constant effort, when you fail even when after said you’d try to never fail that badly again, to not give up on yourself. It takes bravery to talk to God when you’re going through hurt, because most times we think we can think out the pain-killer ourselves… but we can’t.

This month, after going to church on Sundays, I would feel really motivated to write a You and God post, but when I do get time to write it, I feel inadequate, like an impostor, like I’m not worthy, like a hypocrite that says one thing and does another. I know we are made worthy by God’s grace, but I had always decided to wait till I was back firmly on my feet, so that the articles I wrote would not condemn me.

But as I write this now, I realise that the articles I write should not condemn me. Rather, they should caution me. Caution me to live as I preach, reminding me that I have an audience that grabs on to the words I write concerning Christian living. So, guys, get ready for You and God articles in April.

My Personal Life.

My personal life was as well neutral, I guess. With my boyfriend, I’ve learnt some more lessons about trusting him: I can. Notwithstanding the palaver of him looking for trouble, and me giving him trouble of my own, February was blissful for us, actually. 💕

The other part of my personal life concerns my family, my friends and classmates. It’s safe to say I bore my burdens well this month, and didn’t have any serious emotional breakdowns.


Again, I realised this month that I have an amazing friend who has and (hopefully) will always have my back.

And the person I used to call my close friend showed me that he was never really even an acquaintance, after all these years.😥

*mixed feelings*

School Life.

I guess the only part of my life that I actively worked at this month was my school life. This is the first time in my life that my exam scores ACTUALLY determine my future.

Maybe I didn’t put that right.

I just mean that not reaching the required cut-off mark for my dream university is going to be a big blow to me, y’know. So I’m all jittery, trying my best to study, take away distractions, and am constantly scolding myself when I fail to reach a goal.

I’m. Just. Tryna. Be. Focused. And. Serious. And. All.

Wish me luck with exams, guys!

And I promise to formally inform you (for all who care) …

*harsh… but true*

… when I’ll be going on my break for my JAMB mock exams and when I’ll be going to boarding school.

Still waiting for my WAEC mock exam results…

*ankshoussss 😬*

So that’s my March recap. I really loved reading Evin’s March wrap-up. She tagged it: a summary of march ‘2022 🍃 ‘cause she didn’t want to use the usual ‘… wrap-up’ format. I really love her posts. She’s not posting so frequently nowadays, but her writing style remains the same: she’s cool, mature and artistic. And also my biggest encouragement to keep on blogging.

I really want to hear what you think of my blog adjustments, and of the post in general! So please leave your comments, readers!

Thanks for reading.


P.S Don’t you just uh-dore this pic? It’s the featured image I made myself for my February Wrap-Up, and I can’t stop loving it! 😍


11 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up + A Blog Makeover.💄

  1. Don’t get discouraged about your blog traffic! I had to get used to the slower build on blogs vs how fast you can get followers on social media. I feel like it takes alot of patience and consistency. Don’t give up and keep posting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vanessa, you shouldn’t feel too bad about your blog’s traffic, since it happens to every blogger at some point. and the people who really care about reading your posts and giving feedback will come back and comment frequently!
    Goodluck for your exams! And I love the new design. The background is lovely💗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vanessa! you’re such an amazing blogger, and i know your blog will keep on growing! just keep making connections with others and sharing your wonderful content 💛
    “being godly isn’t as easy as it used to be when i was younger” – GIRL you be summing me up too 😂👏 there’s so much more in my life now that i have to hold on to the Lord even more often than i did as a kid and preteen! it is cool though in a way, because we get stronger in Him for having to look to Him so much. but it’s shocking how much effort and focus it takes. maybe at some point i’ll find it effortless, but for the time being i gotta focus so hard 😂💕
    your blog makeover looks so nice! i love the background image you chose.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *tearing up… happy tears, that is*

      Thanks so much, Maggie for the kind words. Y’know, I really felt like young people don’t really care about being godly anymore. But it’s so encouraging to find that someone else is trying to be closer to God too. 💗💗💗 I know God’s going to, and is already helping us be truly His.

      Wow! I like the background image, too. It was reeeeaaalllly hard tryna pick one, though. 😂

      And please be expecting the email concerning the collab I wish for us to do soon. If I can’t get it done this week, early next week should be a goal.

      ~sorry for my tardiness… exams stuff~

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you’re very welcome 😊💕💕 it’s definitely a rarer thing to find, especially in younger people. yes same! 💖 yes 🥰
        haha i bet! blog makeovers are fun and not fun 😂 soo many options
        ooh yay! that sounds awesome.
        no worries 👍


  4. AHHHH YOUR BLOG REDESIGN IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! THE BACKGROUND IS JUST SO PRETTY!!😍 and don’t get too discouraged about your blog’s stats! it happened to me a lot as well at the beginning, but trust me, the number of likes you get definitely doesn’t determine how awesome of a blogger you are💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww. Thanks so much, Suhani. 💗

      Your kind words have really boosted my confidence. I hope I can get used to the up-and-down stats on my way to the top!

      Thanks for your commitment to my blog! 🥰🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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