Blogger vs WordPress: Beginner Bloggers Beware

Greetings, readers!

In my post, Welcome to WordPress, Olaedo! I said that I would do a post on the up’s and down’s of blogging on Blogger, to save beginner bloggers the headache I and many other bloggers have experienced.

Let’s start at the very beginning.

While writing this post, the audience I had in mind was the beginner blogger. So let me first clear the air up about what a blog actually is.

A blog is a website made for the purpose of writing about things that are important to the blogger. Blogs can be made for different purposes:

  • A blog can be for the promotion of a business’ products or services, and is usually attached as a page on a business’ website.
  • A blog can be a business venture in itself. You might have heard of people who blog for a living. Well, people like that market their writing skills on their blogs (focused in a particular niche), and often have a page on their blog just for the layout of their services and pricing schemes (in the case of freelance writers).
  • Freelance writer: A writer who writes for organizations and businesses who hire him/her. He/she doesn’t work for a particular one, but works when called upon.
  • A blog can also be a space on the Internet for one to express his/her feelings on just about anything. Thus the term ‘personal blog’. A personal blog, like Olaedo, is not necessarily centered on profits or products or services. It is simply one where a person can come to share his/her experiences and ideas with other people (and hopefully get encouraging reactions).

Now that that’s done, I’d like to also put in that a blog can be made for blogging about anything and everything, or it can also be focused on a particular niche (category). Whether you wish to make blogging a business or you wish to have a personal blog, know that popular blog niches are:

  • Technology
  • News
  • Health and fitness
  • Fashion
  • Self-improvement
  • Blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • and the other less-popular niches.

Okay, I realise I’m starting to sound like one of those SEO blogs (no offense, but…gross). If you want to start up a niche blog and wanna know all the kinks and konkies, head on to this article on this very reader-friendly site:

So having cleared the air about what a blog is, types of blogs, and niches, I move into what this post’s tittle promises… with genuine pride.

Blogger vs WordPress


This comparison of Blogger and WordPress will show why YOU SHOULD NOT BLOG ON BLOGGER.


Sorry, I’ll rephrase:

My experience blogging on Blogger was bad, really, and I just want to save beginners the same stress. Here’s why you shouldn’t choose Blogger:

(*Much better ^-^ *)

  • Blogger is slow. The speed of loading pages on Blogger is abysmal. I remember how I was in a rush and I wanted to quickly check out something on my blog. Because of its slowness, I had to abandon what I had to check out and be on my way.
  • Blogger’s customization tools are not too good. Notice I said ‘not too good’. Not ‘bad’ or ‘terrible’. Its tools are good, generally, but you would be better off using WordPress’ block-based customization tools.
  • Blogger is too technical.For someone ike me who codes and knows about web design, I can deal with Blogger’s technicality, but for the everyday person, it can be kind of a handful (at first, though). But with WordPress, almost every technicality is taken care of by default.


Even though I’ve been using WordPress for just some months, I’ve already seen the clear difference between the two blogging platforms. And I know advanced WordPress bloggers will agree with me.

  • WordPress places all its tools in one single menu. At a WP user’s dashboard, there’s a menu with all the shortcuts to all parts of your site. From Tools to Appearance to Stats to Comments, all the shortcuts to your site are all in one place.
  • Customizing and editing is easy-peasy. To be honest, when I first heard of WordPress’ block-based editor, I was like: what???. But when it actually got to customizing and editing, it was really fun. Just like Scratch (if you know it), you pick blocks or parts of the site from a menu and edit them. So much better when compared to Blogger’s Customizer.
  • It’s a lot less technical. Like I said, the techy stuff is halfway taken care of. But for the full packages and protections you’ll have to install some plugins (plugins are like features that give your site extra capabilities and functions). Still, if you don’t install plugins, your site will still work fine (I’m in that category).
  • Writing and designing posts can be done at once. WP an easily accessible media library (which is like a storage for all the pics you’ve uploaded to you blog). But what’s better is that it makes it easy to get photos from Pixels or Google Photos, so that writing posts and putting in pictures can be done all at once!

And that’s the stark comparison between WordPress and Blogger. I may not have gotten all the details of why Blogger is bad, but I certainly did not add. Sure, there are other platforms like Medium and Wix, but trust me, WordPress is by far the best. So make your choice, beginner blogger. 😊

And if you can’t pay for web hosting and the rest as a beginner blogger, you can always use the .wordpress subdomain for your site. With this subdomain, WordPress hosts your site free of charge (like mine and the sites of many other bloggers).

Did you once blog on Blogger and had experiences similar to mine? Are you new to WordPress too? Are you a beginner blogger? Do you have any questions? Please, drop me a comment, let’s discuss!

Thanks so much for reading!😊😊😊

Stay cool,


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